Dreamy Eyes Hemsworth!

Thursday 5th November 2015

Dear Joan,

I have always dreamed of reviewing movies and find myself doing that at times, again in my head. Makes you wonder how everything fits in there!? For a movie to engage me these days it has to be amazing as I find it hard at home to commit to just sitting and watching. Social media, internet, stupid apps have been the undoing of my attention span. I have to make a conscious effort to not use it. Hmmm, perhaps I should make that a real goal? If I write it down, then I am accountable for it.

Anyway, I find it hard to find the time to go to the movies. We don’t have babysitters at hand and when we do, there isn’t always a movie out that we are interested in. I actually find myself compromising when going to the movies anyway. Sure I’ll watch Fast and the Furious 7 or Magic Mike 2. Sometimes I just want the time out from being a mum, so will take what I can get. Sometimes that even means leaving for work half an hour earlier, telling a fib about a meeting I have and then going to my fave café (The MIlbri) and having a cup of tea. Yep tea, not coffee. That is another email.

This weekend gave me the opportunity to go to the flicks with my sister in law to watch “The Dressmaker.” All my doing. Why did I choose it? Ha! To perve on Liam Hemsworth because I think he is dreamy! Hahahah It’s true. That was my motivation. Luckily, it turned out to be more. Would I recommend it to others, possibly. The acting by Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving and Judy Davis have moments of just glorious belief about them. I truly believed that Teddy (Hemsworth) wanted to save Myrtle (Winslet). I believed the love in his eyes. Myrtle (Winslet) nailed the Aussie accent. Madness emanated from Molly’s (Davis) pores and Weaving just went back to the days of Priscilla.

There were just a few things that I couldn’t reconcile. Suspending my disbelief between Hemsworth and Winslet was just a stretch too far. Apparently they were of a similar age but in real life it is fifteen years. Removing that real life fact was too big of an ask of me. I believed their individual love of another character but not for each other. Winslet was poorly cast for this choice. There were also throw away lines in the script, but throw away lines that needed more of a story. It was like the forgot to edit the line out. The other glaring issue was the inconsistency to the style of story telling. Was it supposed to be absurd comedy? Drama? A rom com? The bit parts were too far fetched to call it simply a drama, the storyline at times too twisted to call it a Rom Com and the heart of it to sad to have it as an absurd comedy.

I get it is a story. I get that not all stories follow an expected line but it felt as if though they deviated from the line because they could. It all just wrapped up in a way that felt rushed and not overly purposeful. Sure, every decision fit the character of Myrtle it just doesn’t necessarily mean they were the right ones.

Why was it great? Why has it left me thinking about it (besides the dreamy eyes and body of Hemsworth)? Well it is because in isolation I could believe Davis, Hemsworth and at times Winslet. The Australiana of it was also endearing – at times a little far fetched – yet still endearing. I could relate to the idea of finding yourself, as a mother the idea of protecting your child. The idea of your surroundings making you mad.

I’m glad I saw it, I just wish I could have proof read the script or the nearly final cut and ask questions.

I always feel like I have my next note ready for you and I cannot wait to write it.

Love you Joan



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